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The recruitment process is really important to Villart Logistic. We are looking for the following applicants. By his personal skills and his motivations, the applicant would have the same philosophy of work as our Company’s, and wishes to reach the goals of the Company.

Young people, with commercial skills, interested in the transport and logistics sector at an international level, having communication skills, negotiation skills, and speaking languages. This is the ideal applicant profile we are looking for in Villart Logistic.

On the other hand, we have a particular interest for the profiles specialized in the maritime sector, if you have these skills, do not hesitate to contact us.

If you feel concerned by this profile and if you feel ready to face the challenge which we propose you, send us your resume and we shall contact you as soon as possible.

If you are interested, fill in the following form:

* We recommend to attach copy of the card of transport and of the insurance of goods.

Language and Level

*Privacy Terms

When you will have get across the different steps of recruitment and as soon as you have been integrated to our teams you will receive:

  • A Basic Theoretical Training: initially a global introduction will be granted to you, from the various quality systems, the vehicle types, the types of loads, processes, instructions regarding the job, to all the administrative documents, and finally to deepen the use of the IT applications which you will use every day.
  • An average Practice Training: so that you can assume the responsibilities of the job and to facilitate your adaptation, a training will be granted to you, to make you able to handle all the tools and from that moment you will have your first contacts with the customers and the suppliers.
  • Professional improvment: when you will have reachedthe intermediate level and you will have crossed the phase of adaptation, new programs will be granted to you regarding the other functions and procedures with all the staff, with the aim of improving, learning, discovering and bettering professionally and constantly.
Villart Logistic always looks for professionals of the sector who can and (or) have the same philosophy of work as we do have.

Join Our Team

If you are young, dynamic and communicative, you have the gift of language and you are skilled in negotiating, the world of logistics and transports may be your place. More information here

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Fill out our form and we will send you a budget of our services that will please you. More information here

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