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The third point on which we base our idea of excellence, through the Quality of our services and the guarantees we offer, is the reliability of Villart Logístic based on a progressive and sustainable growth which insures the stability of the company without lessening the quality of our services.

Annual invoicing in million euros

Our 13 years of history reflect the efforts and the implication of our qualified team, which works to be always on the top and who constantly improves the life of the company and its profits, profits which doubled the business in 5 years and which made us able to reach more than 24 million euro of sales during the last balance, sales which will even be increased very soon. All this with 100% of success with the supplied services.

To make possible the sustainable growth of Villart Logísitc, we reinvest benefits in our company and work carefully which maintains us in the front line without putting in danger any aspect of the company:

  • We have invested in the enlargement and updating of our offices to optimize the working flow and to insure an excellent level of coordination within our teams.
  • Investment in renovation and enlargement of our transports automobile fleet to ensure the best service and quality to our clients.
We realize annual Audits which allow us to deserve the financial trust of the Spanish banking entities, during which we demonstrate the excellent financial level of the company.

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