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Our Guarantee

Our system is based on three fundamental keys which support the way we work.

We have got the financial trust of our customers and of our suppliers, as well as of the Spanish financial main entities’, result of our seriousness and of the fulfillment of our commitments.
  • A quality of services
  • A guaranteed Safety for the customer
  • A sturdy Company

These three keys define a business model intended to develop our customers’ loyalty; thanks to our services they will obtain a quality, a safety and a protection in front of any external unforeseen, making possible to work at full capacity.


Double guarantee



These factors make of Villart Logistic a safe company in the sector of the logistics, and allow us to keep providing our services to our customers. A sturdy and stable company, Villart Logístic is going to answer skillfully and professionally to any request.

To increase the quality of our services and offer guarantees to our customers, we contracted an insurance policy of contractual liability for the transportation of goods CMR-LOTT with AXA insurance company, for an amount of 600,000-€ for the international transport and of 275,000 € for the national transport, and we arrange special areas in case the customer requires it.


We also have the protection of a third-party insurance for an amount 2,000,000-€, contracted with the insurance company AXA to widen the protection and to include all the elements not considered as loads.


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C/Barcelona 62, Principal 25600 Balaguer (Lleida)
Tel: ( 34) 973 443600
Fax: ( 34) 973 443601

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