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The new Renault Trucks T add to our fleet of trucks

Incorporamos la nueva Renault Trucks T a nuestra flota de tractoras

In our attempt to achieve the best results and offer the best quality to our customers, in Villart Logístic us periodically renewed, and now we incorporated ten new trucks in our fleet of vehicles: the new trucks Renault Trucks T, truck of the year 2014 in Spain, award for entrepreneurs and specialists of recognised prestige in the transport sector.

Some of his great qualities for which the sector has recognized this large vehicle are: reduced consumption, maximum performance on road and its reliability of the engines.

One of the strong points that optimize their consumption and their performance is the design of your cabin. Their windshields of 12 ° of inclination, shape in Trapeze's cabin, 2.3 m in the front and 2.5 m in the rear, and their lenses with integrated deflector, improve its wind resistance coefficient. Also cabin has undergone tests in the wind tunnel to achieve maximum efficiency in their design. The roof deflectors, side baffles and fairing sides, with and without an extension of doors, are designed to achieve an aerodynamic of reference.

They also highlight their great improvements for the comfort and safety of the driver, with a design of windshield and rear-view mirrors of two parts, which considerably improve the visibility and the different types of lights that guarantee the maximum safety in all conditions and in any environment. The cabin's design also ensures the comfort of the driver, with seats and steering wheel that adapt to the morphology of the driver, and other technical features that make the driver feel at home: you can enter in the memory of the vehicle preferences which cabin air-conditioning settings will appear, for example, in the home screen, , adjustments of speed, etc. Just enter your card's driver.


Speaking of efficiency and profitability, Renault Trucks has equipped this new T range with the most sophisticated technology to minimize fuel consumption, and is that the T has a chain Motors new and improved kinematics Euro 6. The improvement of engines, bridges, new features of the robotic box as well as the "intelligent" use of the compressor of air or air conditioning, only when they are truly essential, enable ensure the customer maximum efficiency with consumption as low as possible.

And is that you to create the Euro 6 DTI 11 engines (Villart Logístic with the version of 460 HP / 2,200 Nm) and DTI 13, Renault Trucks has been supported in his previous blocks Euro 5, opting to optimize the SCR technology. And it is these blocks, recognized for its efficiency and low consumption, have been modified in more than 50%, improving electronic adjustments and its effectiveness. In this way, has achieved a reduction of the fuel consumption of 5% over the previous generation.

In addition, with the new Eco Cruise Control cruise control, the driver can choose between three modes of operation, giving priority to the reduction of the consumption, the best balance between consumption and speed, or the precise maintenance of the chosen speed. With the Optiroll functionality, active controlled free-wheel mode when conditions permit. In addition, the Power mode can be disabled, to limit the time of driving outside the green zone. Finally, the T can provide automatic shutdown of the engine, three to five minutes, to stop the motor from running unnecessarily.

A number of very substantial improvements which helps Villart Logístic, as a company of transport and logistics we are, to ensure quality service, at the same time that we guarantee the safety of our drivers and we are respectful with the environment.

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