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The Fleet

The basis of a company of road transport is its fleet. The element which make able the factories to produce and the branches to distribute the product. That is why at Villart Logístic we maintain a brand new totally operational fleet and using the last systems of control.

This fleet of trucks, under the responsibility of our experimented drivers in the international transport allows hundreds of industrial companies to keep producing every day.

Here are the three elements of our fleet that give it its excellent level: a continuous investment in vehicles of less than 3 years, a strict maintenance and systems of communication and rangefinders which make the fleet is perfectly managed.

135 vehicles 135 trailers belonging to the company and about 50 other vehicles belonging to our exclusive partners, we can get a very high working capacity.

Our fleet is composed of Trucks Renault Magnum 460, 480, 500; Euro 5, equipped with a Locatel system of telemetry and geo-localization which gives us a constant information about the vehicle and its position. In this way, keeping a constant communication between the drivers and the International Traffic Managers, we have the entire control over our fleet and we optimize our resources by increasing the efficiency and by offering a better and even faster service.

We have recently added to our fleet of trucks the new Renault Trucks T Euro 6 DTI 11 460CV / 2.200Nm. These trucks are also full equiped with de newest GPS Locatel systems and they represent the total evolution of their previous version.


  • Tautliner 40T – 60 Trucks
  • Refrigerated Trailer 40T – 50 Trucks
  • Mega Tautliner 40T – 70 Trucks
Our fleet
Height: From 2.60, 2.70, to 3.00
Load capacity: Max. 25 tons
Type of load:

Palletized and wind

Temperature of the refrigerated trailers: Adjustable between –25º and 10º
Effective and fast services. Our trucks with two drivers make possible sendings in 24 hours and solving urgent matters by supplying solutions to companies in all Europe.

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