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Storage And Distribution

Storage and Distribution by España Vimer Logístic

The experience and our commitment allowed us to improve our efficiency in all the aspects related to logistics. But to be able to offer a service which goes beyond the transport, we own the company Vimer Logístic.

Vimer is a strategic center in our peninsular operations. By enjoying an advantageous position and by supplying the intermediate resources, we make possible to create the offer of a service of outsourced storage and distribution over the peninsular territory.

Besides being able to offer a service of storage, we can also provide different services such as packing and palletizing without and with temperature requirements, preparing loads, shipping and preparations of documents, managing the urgent shipping and picking.

The Vimer warehouses are situated in Lliçà de Vall and Parets del Vallés, optimal locations completed by its nearness with Barcelona and by its connection with the major routes. Lliçà de Vall warehouse has installations of over 6.000m ² totally equipped with racks, with 15 docks of loading and unloading. Parets del Vallés warehouse has installations of over 5.500m ² totally equipped with racks, with 6 docks of loading and unloading. Both warehouses have a qualified team, what makes us able to supply skillfully and effectively all the services that we propose.

These services allow the companies in Spain and Portugal to get logistic services and outsourced storage and when their production requires it, we send to them what they need thanks to daily services of transport with our own vehicles.

We have flexible time schedules which allow us to act 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, working every Saturday and also on bank holidays.

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