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Tennis table Balaguer Villart Logistic team makes the leap to Europe

El equipo Balaguer Villart Logístic de Tenis Mesa da el salto a Europa

The Balaguer Villart Logístic team will compete in the upcoming European Table Tennis Union Cup, at European level. This competition, which brings together the teams that are in the highest categories of their respective countries, aims to establish who is the best team in Europe.

Spain will participate in this competition with two teams of Catalunya (among which is located Villart Logístic), 2 teams of Andalucía, 1 team from the Basque country and Murcia 1.

The competition is organized in groups of 4 teams, which are given a random country to compete. This confrontation will be two winning teams that will repeat the process, until finally becomes the winner.

The first round will take place on day 5 and 6 September in a country yet to be decided.

To get to the competition, the Balaguer Villart Logistic needs more low for the team, with new sponsors who wish to support the balagueri team.

It is a very important step for Club Tennis Taula Balaguer, as after much effort, and considering that they are a small club in a small town, have emerged as one of the top national champions.

They now deserve to have the opportunity to be able to compete on a European scale, make a place internationally. Now they need more support than ever before.

If you want to collaborate with the rise of the Villart Logistic Balaguer, and that your company may have repercussions in Europe and Spain, help us to sponsor the Club Tennis Taula Balaguer in the option that best suits your budget: equipment esportivo, advertising on the web, promotion in the media...

If you are interested, please contact 638 964 606 phone - Joan Biscarri (CTT Balaguer)

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