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The skill and the availability with which we answer to the needs of our customers is the result of years of efforts of improvement of our internal management system to optimize each of the departments which check the functioning of our company.

In Villart Logístic we have implanted a Management System of Quality ISO 9001, by Bureau Veritas, proving with this acreditation our capacity and improvement. We are on the way to offer our best services to satisfy our clients and suppliers requirements, also following all the applicable regulations.

Our company policy is based on the cycle of Deming, of continuous improvement. PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act), created to generate and mantain a good level of efficiency in the company:

  • Planning: define the goals and the means to reach them.
  • Making: apply the pre-established plan.
  • Controlling: checking that the planned objectives join the used resources.
  • Reacting: analyze and correct the mistakes detected as well as to propose improvements in the current processes.

    ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001

In addition, within our main targets, we want to systematize all the environment aspects of every action we make in our activity. Moreover, we want to promote the environment protection and the contamination prevention, optimizing the gestion of our resources and wastes, and reducing by the way, the environmental impact. It’s mainly important for us to promove the security and the health of our employees. For this reason, we are improving every day all our procedures, and thanks to it, we have obtained the ISO 14001 Certification, that credits our Environment Management System. We’ve also obtained the OHSAS 180001 Certification, that guarantees our Management System of Security and Health in the Job. By the way, we also guarantee the Prevention of Laboral Risks.

Some of the Villart Logístic credited improvements are, for instance, the new acquisition of tractors with Euro 6 engines. That reduces the contaminating emissions to the atmosphere, the diesel consumption and the reduction of the acoustic contamination of the vehicles. We also offer the BBS formation to the drivers, to promote efficiency in driving.

So as to overcome all the expectations of our clients, and satisfy all their needs and demands, Villart Logístic offers the ADR transport. All our trucks accomplish with the cited ADR official normative, according to the Directive 98/91/CE and the Regulation 105, providing the vehicule types EX/II, EX/III, FL, OX, and AT. We also provide the necessary warranties: to offer the service and to protect the environment. Moreover, our drivers have the ADR license driver.

In order to accomplish all the formalities and procedures related with this type of transport, Villart Logístic has a Security Counselor.

To guarantee the correct hygienic conditions and procedures, our frigo trucks have the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) system.

SQAS assessed company

SQAS assessed company

On the other hand, Villart Logístic is specialized in industrial loads. For this reason, we have the SQAS (Safety and Quality Assessment System) certification, that is an arrangement of the Association of the European Chemical Industry which estimates the systems of quality, safety and environmental protection of the logistic service providers for the chemical industry in a uniform way.

For this reason, one of the main targets of our company is to promote, both with our employees, clients and suppliers, the Responsible Care Program, aproved by Cefic.

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